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Linette and Charles Hugo

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Hello Anil,
We would like to convey how very much we enjoyed our recent trip with your company!
Everything was so well organized, lovely hotels and great drivers and guides.

We especially appreciated the dinner your wife arranged for us at a restaurant in Mumbai near our hotel – Trident Nariman.
The food everywhere we had on our trip was delicious but the meal we had at this restaurant was outstanding!
The chicken starter pieces and the curried vegetables particularly were wonderful!
If they would ever part with their ingredients for these I would love to know the recipes!!
(Cannot remember the restaurant’s name – if you could let me know maybe).

We will certainly pass on your company’s name to family and friends.
I am already planning on a trip to the south, Chennai etc, to see the Bharat Natyam shows in the future!
It was nice to meet you and your wife and we hope you are in good health.

Kind regards,

Marieken Swart

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Dear Anil

Well, we are safely back in South Africa after wonderful experiences in India! We had a marvelously stimulating time due principally to your excellent organization. Everything went extremely smoothly and we felt cared for and protected. The quality of your drivers and guides was very high – we returned with minds buzzing with knowledge of Indian history, fascinating sights and impressions.

I think we are all going to remember Shantan in particular for his dedicated care – I can still see him shepherding us during our shopping sprees and guiding us by hand across busy streets like four ducks in a row. What a special person!

Mr. Kerry Gibson & Family

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We would all like to pass along our warmest thanks and sincere appreciation for your efforts in willingly accommodating us with the last minute changes to our itinerary and in particular for finding us our hotel in Delhi!

We had an absolutely wonderful trip and we have so many memories to treasure!! Please extend a special Thank-you to Hem (our Driver) for his role in our holiday, as we all learned – he will have a special place in heaven! Finally, rest assured that we will happily refer your company to anyone we know who is planning a vacation to India.

All the Best!

Kerry, Debbie & Maxine Gibson & Geo Boothby

Mr. Rick & Janet Matthews

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Well, we are back safe and sound in Dubai after our wonderful trip to Rajasthan. We had a great trip and were very happy that we had Surendra as our driver. He was a very safe driver, very focused on his duties, yet very friendly and patient and was always there for us. He was punctual and always had a smile on his face. Also, he was quite humorous and we had some good laughs with him.

All in all it was a great trip and we saw and did lots, and got a good insight into the culture. Maybe one day we will return, though I think our next trip to India will be to the Kerala area, and we will contact you then.

Thanks again for arranging such a great trip and for arranging, on quick notice, for Surendra to drive us.

Anne Bareham

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Dear Anil
What can I say….

Sorry for the delay in writing we came back to a very hectic time workwise so haven’t had a minute to write.

THANK YOU so much from all of us for a wonderful trip.Everything happened like clockwork guides, transport, drivers all excellent, on time and professional.
I would like to write you a full report next week if that’s okay, as I feel some of the guides and drivers etc: need a special mention as they were so good.

Many many thanks to you and the team for once gain giving us a fantastic trip. (I will also post this on Trip Advisor next week.)

Best regards (now to plan the next one ..have to come back again, we just love India)
From Robert and Anne x


Rosemarie Jeffrey

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Dear Anil,
Better late than never! I want to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful tour you arranged for us. Everything was what we expected and more. It was very special to meet you personally. We fell in love with your country and its people . Wish we could have seen even more. We are so very sad for what has happened this last week, we were glued in front of TV and could hardly believe what we saw. Our thoughts are with you and hope it does not effect tourism too much. Somehow India seems to always be able to bounce back.

Please send our very best regards to our dear Shaintan, Deepo and all the other people who assisted us. A very Happy festive season to you and your family.

Anne Bareham

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Dear Anil

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to you for the breathtakingly wonderful experience we all had in India primarily due to your wonderful company and the planning and arrangements you handled for us.

The Pick-ups and collections at hotels and airports were flawless, the Guides were all brilliant, pleasant young men, passionate about their beautiful country and extremely well informed and showed interest in us and in our well being, we never felt insecure when crossing roads or walking in the labyrinths of some of the older cites.

Lauretta Maree

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Dear Anil,

At last I have my feet back on the ground after being in the air after our wonderful trip to India. Everything went so smoothly — I always felt so save and protected by every person that were part for this very special experience. Thank you so much once again for the excellent service that your company provided.
We have all recommended you to so many of our friends. S. Africa is so small compared to India (49 mil.) , but there should be good potential here none the less.
I do hope that you will some day have the time to visit our strange and beautiful country. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. I intend to have some particulars sent to you by our municipality. Please send my regards to Shaintan and Deepo

Nadine Stewart

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Dear Anil

Apologies for taking so long to get in touch. I have at long last returned back home from all my travels. India is still by far the best trip to date. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing trip. Your professional and friendly approach is carried through by all your representatives threw out India. As you are aware we were incredibly nervous, however you put our fears to rest and showed us a phenomenally beautiful country which is only outshined by the beautify of its people.

I have given your name and number to everyone who is now interested in going to India after hearing about the fabulous trip you put together for my mother and me. I tell everyone that India is a country you need to experience since words are insufficient to described it.

Once again, thank you so much for a wonderful experience and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back in India one day. Its a country that now calls to me, even though I am home.

My mother has told me about the ‘fun and games’ the two of you have had regarding the payment of the balance of the trip. I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to the ridiculous security measures imposed by the South African Reserve Bank. I hope this has not put you off taking South African’s on tour.

Once again, thank you very much for the outstanding care which you and your various representatives gave us.

Kind and warm regards

Alexandra George

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Dear Mr Sharma,

First, I am sorry to have taken so long to write and thank you for organising my trip. I arrived back in Australia in early March and have been working immense hours (at least 70 hours a week from March-July, including in the USA). I also suffered a catastrophic failure of my computer several days after arriving back in Australia, which meant I could not access the correspondence we had prior to my trip (which I refer to below). The computer and data were finally restored on Friday last week. Against this backdrop, it is not until now that I have had the opportunity to sit down and write thoughtfully. I knew you had the positive written feedback on the form I had left with Laxman at the end of my journey, but I had wanted to write more fully. So I do sincerely apologise for not emailing sooner.

Second, I would like to thank you very much for organising an excellent trip to India. Laxman was superb. He is a skilled driver, and an honourable, intelligent man. He took great care of me and I couldn’t have been happier with my driver. Thank you very much indeed for organising Laxman for my trip.